Letter to Clergy

10th November 2020

Dear Monsignor, Father, Deacon,

The latest easing of restrictions has brought state-wide consistency.  As of yesterday, religious ceremonies are permitted in all regions.  For indoor ceremonies and religious gatherings there may be 20 people plus a faith leader.  The 20 are to be in groups of up to 10 people keeping the 1.5 metre distancing, and separated from the other group by 5 metres.

Outdoor ceremonies near a place of worship may be held for up to 50 people plus a faith leader. 

Weddings may be held indoors or outdoors with up to 10 people not counting the couple, celebrant and a photographer.  Funerals may include 20 mourners.

The Last Step comes into effect on 23 November.  This will allow groups of 20 for indoor religious ceremonies.  If the building is large enough (at 1 person per 4 square metres) a venue cap of 100 will be allowed.

Outdoor ceremonies could involve groups of 50 and a total of 500 if the space is large enough at the same density quotient of 1person per 4 sq. metres.

Weddings and Funerals will be permitted for up to 100 members if the building is large enough.

Please note these limits and determine the capacity, based on area, of each church.  These changes will affect Sunday Masses, confirmations and Christmas celebrations (unless there is a further extension before then).

Yours sincerely in Christ

Fr Peter Slater 
Diocesan Administrator


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