Each of us is called by God through our Baptism. How we live out that baptismal call in adult life is our specific vocation.

Education Office

There are four main states we can live out this Vocation – Single life, marriage, priesthood and religious life.


The Priesthood

If you are looking to dedicate your life to sharing the word of God, our diocese welcomes meeting any Catholic men wishing to enquire about a calling to the priesthood.

In this vocation, it is your responsibility to work within parish communities and act as spiritual leaders. Our Catholic population is over 127,000 people within 27 parishes across South Eastern Victoria who appreciate guidance and support.

Our seminarians attend Corpus Christi College in Melbourne, for their seven years of training and formation.


Permanent Diaconate

The Permanent Diaconate is a God-given calling to ordained ministry, open to married and single men, in the service of the liturgy, word and charity.

Deacons are a permanent feature of the Church, reinvigourated in Vatican II. The Church is not fully herself wherever deacons, priests or bishop are lacking.

Deacons bring God’s Word to believer and unbeliever, preside over public prayer, baptise, assist and bless marriages and conduct funerals and burials. They have a particular ministry of charity.

Currently there are five permanent deacons incardinated in Sale diocese: several in retirement and others in a variety of ministries.


Who to contact

To learn more about the studies required to become a priest, you can visit Corpus Christi College. The College is committed to forming men for service and mission in the Province of Victoria and Tasmania.

Don’t hesitate contact our Vocations Director, Fr Stanly Devasia   at vocations@sale.catholic.org.au for more information about Priesthood and Permanent Diaconate.


Exploring Religious Life

There are many opportunities to explore a vocation to religious life as a sister or brother. Religious life has gone through many changes over the years. In some cases, there are now options to connect with a particular religious’ charism or carry out mission work as a single person, for a set time period.

Many orders give options for varying levels of commitment from an associate who may be married or single and have a strong commitment to the charism, through to covenant (written agreement) or oblate where the person is consecrated.

To explore a full commitment to Apostolic Religious Life the order or religious community will ask you to go through a discernment process before working towards taking religious vows.

To explore the various religious communities and the different levels of commitment visit Catholic Vocations Ministry Australia and explore the Vocations Directory.


Diocese of Sale

Vocation Prayer 2024


HEAVENLY FATHER, Lord of the harvest, we earnestly ask you to bless our diocese and the Church with many priests, deacons and religious who will love you fervently, and gladly and courageously live their lives in service to your Son’s Church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Bless our families and parishes that we may be given the grace and strength to live our baptismal vocation to be holy, as You are. Bless us that we will respond to your invitation to be living witnesses and disciples of hope as we discern our life in your son, Jesus Christ.

Bless young men and women to respond openly and generously to your invitation to become ministers of your Word and Sacraments, or to serve You faithfully in the covenant of Marriage, or the dignity of single life.

Mary, Mother of the Church, the model of every vocation, help us to say “yes” to the Lord who calls us to cooperate in the divine plan of salvation.