Emmaus is a joint ministry of the Campion Centre of Ignatian Spirituality and the Diocese of Sale. The Emmaus Spirituality Centre is located at 48-50 Monash Road, Newborough.

Education Office


The Emmaus Spirituality ministry invites others to deepen their relationship with God, oneself and others through various spiritual programs based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola at a time and place that suits their needs.

Emmaus offers parishes, groups, teams and individuals days of reflection and prayer, retreats, including walking retreats, individual spiritual direction within the Ignatian tradition and the Full Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.  

Emmaus activities are for all, with some financial assistance available to those who may not be able to fully afford costs associated with spiritual direction.


What is Spiritual Direction? Is this possible online? Yes!

In Spiritual Direction, you reflect deeply on your daily experiences of your daily life. Gradually, as you reflect, you begin to recognize God’s presence and grace. You come to realize how God's spirit is truly with you every day and everywhere, as close as you are to yourself.

Spiritual Direction is really not about being ‘directed’. Rather, it is very much about being ‘invited’ to draw closer to God. You are invited into this relationship whether you attend church or not. God seeks you where you are.

Spiritual Direction invites you to a closer relationship with God within your Faith tradition. In the midst of a busy life, many people find it difficult to notice God’s actions in their daily interactions.

Yet, at the deepest level, all of us long for a more conscious experience of God’s presence and love. We want to find Peace in ourselves and our world. We want to be people who grow and make this a better world.


FREE – Introduction to Spiritual Direction

The Emmaus Team is offering a free 45-minute Zoom session to anyone who wishes to know more about Spiritual Direction and the Emmaus programs.  This is an opportunity to meet with a team member and gain a greater understanding of what Spiritual Direction is about.  Email: salespirituality1@gmail.com to arrange a suitable time


Who Are Spiritual Directors?
Spiritual Directors may come from a variety of faith traditions. They have completed extensive training and formation in the art of Spiritual Direction. Directors continue enhancing their knowledge and skills by engaging in ongoing education, and supervision and also meeting regularly with their Spiritual Director.


For more information, please contact Emmaus Sale, salespirituality1@gmail.com