Education in the Diocese of Sale

Catholic Education is provided in 38 primary schools and 7 secondary schools in the Diocese. Our schools range from very large city schools to small schools far from the crowds of Melbourne suburbia.

Yet clearly, we are all about the same thing – making present the Kingdom of God to our communities, providing students with the opportunity to grow in the love of God and develop a respectful knowledge of their world in an atmosphere of peace, joy, hope, justice and love.

Approximately 10,000 primary school students and 8,600 secondary students are educated in the Catholic School communities in our Diocese.

The Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Limited (DOSCEL) is responsible for the management of all aspects of Catholic Education. This is a Company Limited by Guarantee with a Board of Directors. This Board reports directly to the Bishop of the Diocese and who is a member of the Company.

The day to day management of the schools is delegated to the Director of Catholic Education, Mr Paul Velten, supported by the Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Sale.


All Catholic primary and secondary schools work in strong relationship with our parish communities. You can find the contact details for your local Catholic school listed with information on your parish

For more information on Catholic Education in the Diocese of Sale visit the DOSCEL website.