There was a buzz of excitement and anticipation as over three hundred people from across the Diocese of Sale gathered at Marist-Sion College on Friday 13 September for the opening of the Sale Diocesan Assembly which continued through Saturday. 

The last comparable Diocesan gathering was convened well over 17 years ago in Sale by Bishop Coffey as part of the Journeying Together Diocesan Pastoral Plan.  Bishop Pat O’Regan announced the Assembly early in 2018. The Assembly was a significant gathering for our Diocese:

There were 5 major themes for the Diocesan Assembly: (click on the theme to download pdf of the raw responses from the Assembly)

  1. Faith Formation
  2. Leadership and Governance
  3. Families and Vocation
  4. Liturgy and Prayer
  5. A Welcoming Community 

These themes emerged from the hundreds of responses from parish and regional gatherings during the Plenary Council Listening and Dialogue phase last year.

Over the course of Friday evening and Saturday, we gathered to pray, to sing, reflect, share and brainstorm ideas. It was an enriching and hope filled time and we could truly sense the energy of the Holy Spirit present with us.

Some of the feedback:

“Such a special event and a rewarding experience”

“The afternoon session was so inspiring.”

“I was blown away by the day and all the people I have met. We can do a lot of things and hopefully move forward in our parish.”

A real feeling of renewal for a church to worship in spirit and truth with love and inclusiveness for all.

“as someone from a small parish, it is lovely to feel that you are a part of something so much bigger”

“The liturgy of the 2 days was wonderful, the songs just beautiful.”

“Faith filled, awesome, encouraging and moving.”

“Prayerful, grace-filled liturgy”

What’s next after the Diocesan Assembly?
All of the responses from the 64 Assembly Conversation groups will be published online, see above, and also sent via email to your parish office.
Video clips of the Assembly highlights, the Opening Liturgy and Bishop Pat’s address are being edited and will be uploaded in the coming weeks.
A resource containing the creative ideas that people proposed for each of the Assembly Themes will be distributed in coming weeks.

What are You Going to Do?

In the meantime, what can your faith community do and how are they going to hear about what happened at the Diocesan Assembly last weekend?

If you would like more information nor have questions, please contact: Sophy Morley'Gaudium et Spes' Plenary 2020 Convenor, Diocesan Coordinator for Liturgy & Pastoral Ministry, (Tuesday-Friday), Phone (03) 5622 6677. 

Bishop Patrick O'Regan's Opening Address (approximately 55min)


Opening Liturgy -"The Call' (approximately 35min)