Australian Catholic Safeguarding Limited (ACSL) represents an evolution in safeguarding in the Catholic Church.

It was established in January 2021 by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Catholic Religious Australia and Association of Ministerial PJPs. It is a single entity which incorporates a number of bodies such as Catholic Professional Standards Limited, CPSL (established in 2016), the Australian Catholic Centre for Professional Standards and functions of the Australian Catholic Ministry Register.

ACSL operates independently from the Catholic Church under the direction of a Board of Directors and its focus is the safeguarding of children and adults at risk.


Statement of Purpose

ACSL will:

  • actively work with Catholic entities to promote and oversee a nationally consistent, comprehensive and sustainable framework and culture within the Catholic Church in Australia which works to safeguard all who come into contact with the Church, especially children and adults at risk.
  • continue to develop and maintain professional and safeguarding standards (National Catholic Safeguarding Standards, NCSS) and assist Catholic entities to implement those standards. It will also develop risk-based review criteria to assist Catholic entities to arrange audit/reviews of their systems and processes.
  • audit compliance of Catholic entities throughout the diocese against the NCSS, holding the leaders and members of Catholic organisations accountable for the safety of children and adults at risk who come into contact with the Church and its works. Enhanced transparency will be ensured through the publication of audit results on the ACSL website.
  • have a role to support the implementation of the National Response Protocol and monitor its application.

For more information, please visit the CPSL website where the ACSL website can be accessed.