Bishop Patrick O’Regan has announced a Diocesan Assembly to be held on 13-14 September at Marist-Sion College Warragul. During the Plenary Council 2020 Listening and Dialogue process, several common topics have emerged. It has become evident that many of the suggestions which have been made can be initiated and implemented at a local Diocesan level. The Diocesan Assembly, while part of the overall Plenary journey, is of vital importance as it will provide us with the opportunity to together discern and discuss what it is that we can do here and now for our local Church in the Diocese of Sale.

In the months leading up to the Assembly, the Diocesan community is being invited to embark on a period of prayer and preparation with a Diocesan Pilgrimage of the Icon of our Lady of Perpetual Help (the patroness of our Diocese) and the Diocesan Plenary 2020 Candle. Each parish will host the Icon and Candle for one week with the opportunity to receive and bless the Icon at weekend Masses and have it displayed for prayer during the week.

A Plenary Song has been composed by Jane Mitchell and Drew Lane called Without Fear (Holy Spirit Come). A song for Plenary Blessings composed for the Catholic Diocese of Sale.

Download Song

    Here is the Resource Pack 
You are able to contribute your ideas through reading a breifing paper and completing a survey online. Go to Read the Assembly briefing paper and complete the survey

Pilgrimage roster by parish name for remainder of Pilgrimage

July 14th Sunday – Cowwarr-Heyfield
July 21st Sunday – Traralgon
July 28th Sunday – Churchill
August 4th Sunday – Morwell
August 11th Sunday – Newborough
August 18th Sunday – Moe
August 25th Sunday – Trafalgar
September 1st Sunday – Drouin
September 9th Sunday – Warragul
September 13th - 14th Sunday – Diocesan Assembly
Prayer of the faithful

All parishes are invited to join in a prayer roster by praying for the parish in the diocese who is currently hosting the image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Plenary Candle as part of the Diocesan Pilgrimage.



In this time of preparation for our Diocesan Assembly, we pray for the community of St. xxxx parish, xxxx (town name). May they be graced with the fruits of the Holy Spirit as they host the Icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and pray to her. Lord, hear us. All

Lord, hear our prayer