Catechists from around the Diocese gathered at Phillip Island over the weekend (9-10 April) for their annual retreat which was facilitated by Jill McCorquodale. 

The ten participants had been waiting some time to gather as the retreat was postponed due to Covid-19 last November and again with the snap lockdown in February.

The theme of the retreat was “Looking at our Mission and Beyond.”

Barbara Durand, Diocesan Catechist Coordinator said the weekend included lots of discussion and sharing.

“We had some great discussion. Reflecting on how we are all in one universe, breathe the same air and are all part of God’s creation,” she said.

Fellow participant Siji Dominic said she learnt about moving forward and flowing with the river in her life.

Barbara concluded that spreading God’s word was the particular mission they felt they could take back to their parishes. “We all have a mission to spread God’s Word,” she said.