Bishop Greg Bennet today launched a new resource, Let’s Connect! A Resource for Families in the Diocese of Sale, as part of the Diocesan launch of the Year of St. Joseph.

The electronic resource has been produced by the Diocesan Plenary Council ‘Gaudium et Spes’ Team, responding to the proceedings and outcomes of the 2019 Sale Diocesan Assembly.

LET’S CONNECT! contains a wide variety of live links to online information, networks and resources to enrich, interest and support families in their Christian living.

We hope that this resource will be a support to families of all ages and stages on their faith journey.

It covers the areas of Marriage and Family Life, Spirituality & Prayer, Social Media & Resources, Community Connections, Faith Formation and Help & Support.

We acknowledge and thank the Diocese of Sandhurst for the use of some of the material from their resource.

It is available here as a pdf download which can be opened on a mobile phone or tablet.



If you would like to receive a hard copy, please contact Sophy Morley in the Diocesan Pastoral Office at the Catholic Diocese of Sale Phone by phone 03 56226677 or email