21 June 2022

Dear Clergy, Community of the Diocese of Sale, leaders-staff-students and families in Catholic Schools Sale, Colleagues of DOSCEL, dear friends,

Greetings from Sion House.

Following a remarkable contribution to the leadership and management of Catholic education in the Diocese of Sale since 2012, we write to inform you of the resignation of Ms Maria Kirkwood, Director of Catholic Education Diocese of Sale and Chief Executive Officer Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Limited (DOSCEL), to take effect from 23 December 2022.

Maria has given outstanding service to the Diocese as both Director of Catholic Education and Chief Executive Officer of DOSCEL. Her commitment to Catholic education has inspired colleagues, Parish Priests, clergy, staff of the Catholic Education office, school personnel and enriched the lives of all those with whom she has worked over many years.

Catholic school communities throughout the Diocese of Sale have benefitted enormously from Maria’s giftedness as an educator, her competence as an administrator and her dynamism as a faith leader. Her vision to deliver the highest quality educational opportunities and outcomes for every student in every school in the Diocese is testimony to her deep commitment and dedication to a Diocese which spans metropolitan, regional and rural areas.

At the time of her appointment as Director of Catholic Education, Maria brought many years of experience, formation and senior leadership to the position and the Diocese is all the richer for her professionalism, dedication and collegiality.    Maria’s commitment to the provision of excellence in Catholic education continues to inspire school leaders, teachers, support staff, students, families and everyone involved in Catholic education. The Catholic community has much to be grateful for thanks to Maria’s vision, initiative and loyalty to this Diocese. 

Maria’s collaboration with the previous Bishops of Sale, in preparing an innovative and creative way of governing Catholic education in the Diocese of Sale, has now been replicated in the other three Dioceses in Victoria. Her contribution to the process of incorporation and to ensuring that schools and their communities are appropriately funded and supported by the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) is acknowledged and respected by the education community. 

On behalf of the Diocese, the Board and the Catholic education community, we wish Maria the very best for the future. There will be opportunities over the time ahead to express our individual and collective gratitude to Maria for her inspiring leadership and extraordinary achievements in the Diocese of Sale. In the meantime, working with the DOSCEL Board of Directors, we will commence the process of selecting a new Diocesan Director of Catholic Education and Chief Executive Officer (DOSCEL).