Reflection by Fr Janeesh Jose,

First Reading 1 Samuel 3:3-10.19;

Second Reading 1 Corinthians 6:13-15. 17-20;

Gospel John 1:35-42





Gospel of 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (John 1:35-42) invites us to reflect on the transformative power of encountering Jesus and the call to discipleship. As we delve into this scripture, let us consider our journey as disciples of Christ.

The scene unfolds with John the Baptist pointing to Jesus, proclaiming Him as the Lamb of God. Two of John's disciples, Andrew and another, overhear this and decide to follow Jesus. This encounter is not merely a physical meeting but a profound spiritual moment.

In our lives, too, we have moments where we encounter Jesus. It might be through prayer, Scripture, or the love and kindness of others. These encounters beckon us to follow Him more closely.

Andrew, after spending time with Jesus, is compelled to share this transformative experience with his brother Simon Peter. Andrew brings Simon to Jesus, and Jesus, upon seeing him, gives Simon a new name, Cephas or Peter, which means "rock."

Our response to encountering Jesus often involves sharing that encounter with others. Like Andrew, we are called to bring others to Christ, to share the joy and grace we have found in Him. And in responding to this call, our identity, too, transforms.

Jesus looks at Simon and declares, "You are Simon son of John. You will be called Cephas." This change of name signifies a deeper change in identity. Simon, the fisherman, becomes Peter, the rock upon which Christ will build His Church.

Similarly, our encounter with Jesus transforms us. It changes our priorities, values, and how we see ourselves. It's a process of becoming more like Christ, letting go of our old self, and embracing the new identity found in Him.

As we reflect on this Gospel passage, let's consider our encounters with Jesus. How has He touched our lives, and how have we responded to His call to discipleship? Are we actively bringing others to Christ, sharing the Good News, and witnessing the transformative power of His love?

In our journey as disciples, let us be open to the ongoing transformation that Christ desires for each of us. May we, like Andrew and Peter, respond with enthusiasm to His call, sharing the joy of our encounter with Jesus with those around us.

As we continue our journey of faith, let us remain open to encountering Jesus in our daily lives. May the grace of this encounter propel us to respond to His call to discipleship and be willing instruments in bringing others to the transformative love and mercy of our Lord. Amen.