Saturday 19 August 2023


Today is a day of prayer, reflection and solidarity.  Against the background of much sadness within the local community over the past 2 weeks, today we invite all people of Korumburra and surrounding districts to come together as God’s children for individual prayer and reflection in the quiet space of St Joseph’s Church.  Prayer invites us to gather in solidarity with each other to reach out to God in times of sadness and distress.  We remember with love those who have died and we pray particularly for Pastor Ian Wilkinson as well as everyone who is affected by this tragedy.

Everyone is most welcome, but we do ask you to please observe silence at all times inside the Church building, and to refrain from video and photography inside the church, respecting the sacredness of the space and the privacy of those in prayer.  Thank you for being part of this act of Christian love.

The Church will be open from 9.30am until 4pm


St Joseph’s Parish community.



O Lord our God, thank You that You are our rock and fortress, we can always find refuge in You. You have said that whoever follows You will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. As we feel the darkness of grief and sorrow at this time, shine Your light on our life. Remind us that our hope is found in You. May Your love surround us, Your Spirit guide us, Your voice cheer us, Your peace calm us, Your shield protect us, Your wisdom arm us, wherever you may lead us. Amen.