Photo Credit: Vatican News 

At the pre-Synod retreat held in Rome in 2023, attendees had the opportunity to engage in a sequence of reflective sessions on synodality led by Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, a Dominican priest. His meditative sessions touched upon themes like hope, friendship, and the journey to Emmaus, emphasizing their significance in framing the synodal dialogue within an ecclesial context. This insightful guidance holds relevance for all Catholics, and we encourage you to view these sessions to enhance your comprehension of synodality and to offer your prayers for all delegates participating in the Synod on Synodality.


First Meditation, “Hoping against hope”

Second Meditation, “At home in God and God at home in us

Third Meditation, “Friendship”

Fourth Meditation, “Conversation on the way to Emmaus”

Fifth Meditation, “Authority”

Sixth Meditation, “The Spirit of Truth”