14 November 2022


Dear People and Clergy of the Catholic community in Victoria,


Victorian State Election: 26 November 2022


Our prayerful greetings to you all,


It is the responsibility of our elected representatives – especially those who form government – to formulate policies that serve the common good: To enact laws that better our society, that protect the vulnerable and lead to a more just community where all can truly flourish. As voters, it is our responsibility to elect those who will best pursue these goals.


 As Pope Francis outlines in Fratelli Tutti, we are all called to ‘direct society to the pursuit of the common good’, and voting thoughtfully is part of this duty.


There is no Catholic political party and no single way that a Catholic should vote. Each of us are called to exercise our conscience, utilise our intellect and draw upon our faith in our decision-making. With the State Election, it is important that we each carefully and prayerfully discern who best deserves our vote. This discernment may be based on many considerations – the past performance of individuals or parties, the promises of action or of funding to come. Our faith calls us to seek parties and individuals who will enact laws that advance the common good.


Information to help you navigate these issues of significance can be found at: www.melbournecatholic.org/stateelection2022.


We ask you to join with us in praying for the whole community at the time of this State Election, including for those who seek office and their families. A suggested prayer accompanies this letter.


May those elected work tirelessly to pursue the common good and to build a more just society. May we each renew our commitment to the paths of justice and mercy – following the example of Jesus Christ.


Yours in Christ Jesus,